My Process


It all starts with an idea. Taking inspiration from arcade classics and retro games, I combine them and add a modern twist to create a unique game design concept.


Time to turn an idea into reality! Using industry standard tools, I turn my designs into a working prototype. This is then refined over many iterations until an awesome game is created.


The game is rigorously tested to remove pesky bugs and carefully balance the gameplay. This crucial step is the difference between a fun experience and a frustrating one.


This is the most nervous wrecking step of all. I upload the final build of the game to popular app stores and websites, then anxiously wait for player feedback.


Updates and bug fixes will inevitably come in the future. Sometimes I add new levels and features, but other times I just add a few new hats.

My History

Game Scarab created
Space Crystals
Gem Seeker
Roll The Cube
Galactic Instigator
Super Jetpack Lizard
Temple of Impalement
Bunker of Robots
Current project
I Make It. You Play It.