Super Jetpack Lizard

Super Jetpack Lizard


Super Jetpack Lizard - the retro 2D platform game with a jetpack equipped lizard. Use your jetpack to reach the treasure chest as quickly as possible while avoiding hazards along the way.

Game Features

  • 100% Free - Completely free with no in-app purchases or ads
  • Retro Graphics - Bright and colorful pixel graphics that will fill you with nostalgia
  • Dangerous Hazards – TNT crates, cannons, spikes and saw blades
  • Hats - Unlock hats to dress-up your lizard in style
  • Multilingual - Play in English, Spanish, Esperanto, Japanese or Chinese (Simplified)

Pro Tips

  • The longer you jetpack, the more upward thrust you get
  • You can quickly tap the jetpack button to move large horizontal distances
  • Different color gems stop the clock for different amounts of time
  • You can buy awesome hats from the zone select menu


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