Super Jetpack Lizard Release

Super Jetpack Lizard Super Jetpack LizardI have released my retro-inspired 2d platform game 'Super Jetpack Lizard' on iOS, Android and the web. In this game you play as a jetpack equipped lizard who must reach the treasure chest at the end of each level to win. After the positive feedback I received from my previous game Galactic Instigator, I decided to once again use retro pixel graphics, sound and music that invoke nostalgia for the 'old days' of gaming. For this game I wanted to reach more international gamers, so I decided to get the game translated into languages other than English. After researching different options I decided to get the game professionally translated by Localize Direct into Spanish (Mexican), Japanese and Chinese (Simplified). I also translated the game into Esperanto with help from Lang-8. I will be taking note of player feedback to help me improve 'Super Jetpack Lizard' and my future games.


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